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Master the ECG with our comprehensive online course and book. We created this course to make sure that physicians, nurses, paramedics, biomedical analysts, students and others, receive the best possible ECG education. This course covers all aspects of clinical ECG interpretation. The course includes a complete online book, video lectures, tests and study tools to facilitate learning. All chapters are in line with American and European guidelines and consensus documents (ACC, AHA, ESC, ISHNE). The content is accessible from any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

The course is created by Dr Araz Rawshani (MD, PhD) from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Dr Rawshani is a cardiovascular researcher with interest in acute and cardiovascular medicine, as well as diabetology.

Excellent video lectures

Our course includes video lectures to improve your understanding of physiological, pathophysiological and clinical aspects of ECG interpretation. Our users love these lectures, which is why we continue to add new lectures every other week.

The most complete ECG book

Our online ECG book covers all clinically relevant topics, from basic cardiac electrophysiology to advanced ischemia and arrhythmia interpretation. It is – to the best of our knowledge – the most comprehensive online resource for learning ECG interpretation and it includes evidence-based management of all conditions discussed. In other words, you are guaranteed to become an ECG expert.

Video lectures

Part 1: Basic Cardiac Electrophysiology

These lessons will introduce you to the key concepts of electrocardiology and ECG interpretation. Basic cardiac anatomy, cellular function, features of contractile and conduction cells, action potential, automaticity and the electrical conduction system is discussed in detail.

Part 2: The Normal ECG

These lessions will teach you all about the normal ECG, normal variants and diagnosis of pathological findings. A total of 8 lessons will guide you through all the waves, intervals and durations, including the PR interval, QRS complex, ST segment, J point, J 60 point, T-wave, QT interval and the electrical axis of the heart. Test your skills with the ECG quiz after the lectures.

The ECG book

Section 9. Devices: pacemaker, ICD and CRT

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