Master the ECG & Echo today.

Acquire the ECG and echo skills you need with the world's most popular e-book, video lectures and tests

The world's most popular ebook.

Master ECG & Echocardiography Today.

Master the ECG today.

Acquire the ECG skills you need with the world's most popular ebook, video lectures and ECG tests

Track your progress & results

Track your progress & results

Master the ECG with our comprehensive online book and course. We make sure that physicians, nurses, paramedics, biomedical analysts, students and others, acquire the ECG skills needed to excel in clinical practice. The ebook and accompanying lectures and tests covers all aspects of clinical ECG interpretation. All chapters are in line with American and European guidelines and consensus documents (ACC, AHA, ESC, ISHNE). The content is accessible from any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

All the basics. All the details. Clearly explained.

Figure 1A. Detailed diagram of coronary artery segments. CT = computerized tomography.

Echocardiography Made Easy

Our new e-book Clinical Echocardiography enables you to use echocardiography to its fullest potential in your initial diagnosis, decision making, and clinical management of patients with a wide range of heart diseases.

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