Defining and interpreting the normal ECG

These lessions will teach you all about the normal ECG, normal variants and diagnosis of pathological findings. A total of 8 lessons will guide you through all the waves, intervals and durations, including the PR interval, QRS complex, ST segment, J point, J 60 point, T-wave, QT interval and the electrical axis of the heart. Test your skills with the ECG quiz after the lectures.

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, assistant nurses, students and other professionals can take this course to acquire solid ECG interpretation skills. No prior knowledge is required. The course is detailed, yet easy and will guide the participant through all clinically relevant topics.

After this course you will be able to determine whether the waveforms on the ECG are normal, and whether the rhythm is normal. You will also be able to differentiate between various pathological ECG changes.

The course includes a test (ECG quiz) which can be used to practice clinical ECG interpretation.


Course Materials

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