Section 1: Introduction to ECG interpretation

1. Introduction to Clinical ECG interpretation

An introduction to ECG interpretation, cardiac physiology and concepts of electrocardiology

2. Basic Cardiac Electrophysiology

The nuts and bolts of cardiac electrophysiology.

3. The ECG leads

Learn about lead theory, ECG lead systems, chest (precordial) leads, limb leads, presentation of leads and alternative lead systems.

4. The Cabrera format of the 12-lead ECG and inverted lead aVR (–aVR)

Learn why the standard presentation of the 12-lead ECG is inferior to the Cabrera format with an inverted lead aVR.

5. ECG Interpretation Part 1: The Normal ECG, Normal Variants and Abnormalities

This is perhaps the most important chapter throughout this book. You will learn how to recognize the normal ECG and identify pathological ECG changes.

6. ECG Interpretation Part 2: A Systematic Approach to ECG Interpretation

Learn how to interpret the ECG efficienty using a systematic approach.

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