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E-resources you should bookmark Taming the SRU Drs Jeffery Hill, Ryan Lafollette and Bill Hinckley run this amazing website which includes everything from ultrasound knobology and emergency procedures to practice guidelines for emergency medicine (and prehospital medicine). This is high quality medical education simply. Life in the Fast Lane – Australian site with one of the…


Pocket Guide to ECG Interpretation (PDF)

The ECG must always be interpreted systematically. Failure to perform systematic interpretation may actually be detrimental. We have therefore compiled a pocket guide with a universal interpretation algorithm. These 22 pages includes all you need to perform methodological ECG interpretation. We recommend this approach as it minimizes the risk of missing important abnormalities and also…


Choosing the best ECG book: ECG made easy or completely?

The best ECG book is not the one making it simple Students and professionals in the field of medicine frequently ask which ECG book is the best one. This is a justified question for several reasons: (1) ECG interpretation is rather complicated; (2) being able to interpret the ECG may save lives and (3) time…

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